Jean-Jacques Cornish


"The low down on African affairs"


Africa maintains an economic lifeline threatened by COVID 19

The cliche is that a visiting journalist traditionally relies on taxi drivers to get the grif on the country he or she has just landed in. I rely on watching where people hang out as a barometer of what is happening. Large numbers of young people lazing about during working

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Trump behaves like a brazen African dictator

Invited by the U.S. Embassy to watch the results of the 2008 election, I was thrilled to see Americans elect Barak Obama, their first black President. I was also deeply irritated to have a U.S. official point out that the result has been  accepted without any last-minute deals to keep

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French Trade Minister’s visit is the first since South Africa re-opened its borders post the COVID 19 lockdown

The first foreign cabinet minister to visit South Africa since the COVID 19 lockdown was lifted has ended a three-day visit. France’s  Foreign Trade and Economic Attractiveness Minister Franck Riester, reaffirms his country’s commitment to stand by South Africa in these challenging times and to support mutual economic partnerships with

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Americans won’t be able to say they did uot know

The excuse of the uniformed: “We did not know “ has eroded as technology makes the facts inescapable. Surely in this age of social media that gossamer thin excuse has disappeared. Some Germans might have claimed they did not know about the Nazi genocide until the Nuremberg trials painfully mapped

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Is Joe Biden taking a knife to a dishonest gunfight?

Western movie buffs cannot agree on who first  warned combatants not to bring a knife to a gunfight. The message: never go into a fight under weaponized ,is indisputable. Many of Joe Biden’s supporters fear he will be doing this when he meets Donald Trump in the Presidential campaign debates

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Tik Tok forced sale won’t happen

In these deadly serious days of the pandemic and the U.S. presidential poll, one has to search for the laughs. Happily Tik Tok is providing mine. Yes, yes, I know it is designed for younger consumers. But it is not the content that provides my chortle. It is the belief

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