Apartheid death squad head denied parole

South Africa’s Justice Minister says the country’s parole process needs to be overhauled after controversy caused by his denying the release of an apartheid era death squad leader. Parole was refused because the families of the death squad’s victims were not consulted. Lawyer for Eugene de Kock, who’s served 20 years of a more than […]

Race against time fighting Ebola

Doctors Without Borders say they’re in a race against time to contain new cases of the Ebola virus being reported in Sierra Leone and Liberia. They’re doubled the number of hospital beds for victims. The World Health Organisation says there have been 19 deaths over three days this week. Ends intro. At least 539 West […]

Ghana government poo pohs asylum seekers in Brazil

Ghana’s government’s poo poohd an attempt by more than 200 of its football fans to seek asylum in Brazil. The Ghanaians says they’re Muslims who’s face persecution if they go home. The Accra authorities counter that there’s no religious violence in Ghana Ends intro, Brazilian police says the group seeking political asylum are part of […]

Shanghai to become BRICS bank HQ

Shanghai’s expected to be named as the city hosting the BRICS Development Bank when leaders from the five-nation organisation gather in Brazil on Monday. China will contribute the largest slice to the bank – eight times as much as the five billion dollars South Africa will give.   Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov’s been talks […]