Jean-Jacques Cornish


"The low down on African affairs"

Will ECOWAS use muscle to enforce peace in Mali?

A distinction it probably could do without is the recognition that the Economic Community of West African State’s is the regional grouping most proficient in brokering and enforcing peace deals on the continent. Having that appellation confirms that the 15-nation ECOWAS is located in Africa’s roughest neighborhood. Like neighbours living

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Africa’s disturbing silence over Egypt’s interference in Libya

Egypt’s behavior in Libya flies in the face of everything the African Union stands for. Yet there is an ominous silence from the 55-member continental organisation. The AU echoes the United Nations in making clear its fears about the Libyan conflict becoming proxy war. It’s failure to condemn Egypt taking

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Could the Nile be the casus belli for Africa’s next war?

It is pretty much common cause among strategic analysts that the next world war will be fought over water . The argument that oil might be the casus belli has been dealt a body blow by the Covid 19 lockdown. The black stuff remains vital to economic prosperity – important

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The hard truth that miracle remedies simply don’t exist

by Jean-Jacques Cornish In journalism 101 we were taught never to give the oxygen of publicity to quack remedies for dreaded diseases. That’s why you don’t read, hear or see about cures for cancer in anything approaching responsible media. Believe me, these emerge daily from the crazies and the con-artists

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