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The hard truth that miracle remedies simply don’t exist

by Jean-Jacques Cornish In journalism 101 we were taught never to give the oxygen of publicity to quack remedies for dreaded diseases. That’s why you don’t read, hear or see about cures for cancer in anything approaching responsible media. Believe me, these emerge daily from the crazies and the con-artists

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Why have women leaders done better at dealing with the COVID 19 pandemic?

by Jean-Jacques Cornish Assailed by things deadly, horrible, inexplicable and invisible we naturally ask why? That plaintive question bridges, race, gender, class, identity and education. Why is COVID 19 killing more men than women? Why is the accursed virus proving more deadly to minorities in the northern hemisphere countries were

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The battle against COVID 19 caught in the web of the law

by Jean-Jacques Cornish South Africa’s courts have been a constant in the country’s hazardous path through wicked colonization, cruel apartheid and the vagaries of democracy. So it is both inevitable and desirable that they should be called upon to rule on events in the biggest crisis the country has faced

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World Press Freedom Day in a time of COVID 19

by Jean-Jacques Cornish On World Press Freedom day it is apposite that we show concern and solidarity with colleagues under the thumbs and worse of oppressive regimes. On our continent, I think of those bravely trying to speak truth to power in Eritrea, Rwanda, Morocco and Zimbabwe among others. We

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COVID 19 puts a heavy burden on Cyril Ramaphosa as AU chairman

by Jean-Jacques Cornish President Cyril Ramaphosa had his work cut out when he took on the chairmanship of the African Union this year. He is committed to steering the continental body along its final bumpy stretch of road to the ambitious goal of silencing the Guns in 2020. More importantly,

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