Jean-Jacques Cornish


"The low down on African affairs"

Is he really running out of road?

How did we move in four short years from  the Ramaphoria  of a new president to a man whom even sympathetic analysts say has run out of road? Cyril Ramaphosa has reached the critical half-way stage of his presidential term and he will have to show his mettle in Thursday’s

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Sisulu accuses black judges of mentally colonialising South African

The over-achingly  ambitious Tourism Minister Lindiwe Sisulu is standing by an incendiary article she penned criticizing South Africa’s world renowned constitution and black judges. The article is seen as an opening volley in her bid to win the presidency at the elective congress of ruling African National Congress in December.

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A diplomatic career spanning both sides of a historic divide

“African Viking,”by Pierre Dietrichsen. Dietrichsen is one of that dwindling band of diplomats who represented both the apartheid regime and South Africa’s new democracy led by President Nelson Mandela. His memoir contains gems of a unique history that includes the complex and often exasperating transition between the two. Dietrichsen writes

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Terrifying new COVID variant emerges from Botswana

South Africa’s National Institute For Communicable Diseases has confirmed that a new possibly vaccine-resistant COVID strain with 32 mutations has been detected.  Virologists are calling it the most evolved COVID strain ever, and fear it could be worse that the Delta strain. A COVID expert says what has been dubbed

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Don’t shoot the pragmatist

The nation’s flags fall to half staff today as South Africa begins a four-day official mourning period for its last white leader F.W. de Klerk. President Cyril Ramaphosa calls this a mark of respect for a predecessor. A State memorial service for de Klerk will be held a date to

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