Namibia to send police to guard to Lesotho premier

The regional police guard protecting Lesotho’s prime minister Thomas Thabane is about to be increased. Sources close to last night SADC summit focusing on the political crisis in the mountain kingdom say Namibia’s is about to deploy a special unit to Maseru. A tactical South Africa police unit went back home with Thomas Thabane when […]

US to send troops to fight Ebola

An announcement’s expected today from President Barack Obama that the United States is sending 3 000 troops to Liberia to help fight the Ebola virus outbreak. The American personnel will help train medical staff and supervise the building of new treatment centres. There’s pressure on the international community, particularly the countries with financial and medical resources […]

SADC summit to get Lesotho parliament recalled

Four regional leaders, including Prime Minister Thomas Thabane, are sitting down in Pretoria tonight to discuss the continued tension in Lesotho. The meeting hosted by President Jacob Zuma, follows the inability of political leaders in the mountain kingdom to meet last Friday’s deadline to name a date for  reconvening parliament he’s had shuttered since June. […]

It’s all about the money for Lesotho’s rogue general

A Lesotho General who went rogue after being sacked by Prime Minister Thomas Thabane’s reportedly agreed to stand down for a cash payment and a diplomatic posting. Tlali Kamoli’s mutiny has been cited by Thabane as the reason it’s too dangerous to allow normal political activity in the mountain kingdom. General Tlali Kamoli himself insists […]

Lesotho to have early elections

Lesotho’s moving forward elections as its regional partners prepare to send in a long-term observer mission to monitor its return to stability. Last night’s SADC summit in Pretoria opted for a speedy return to Lesotho’s people because their elected leaders can’t arrive at a formula to end months of mounting instability. The region was dragged […]