Ebola under control in Nigeria and Senegal

The Ebola virus may have been contained in Nigeria and Senegal, two countries peripherally hit by the deadly haemorrhagic disease that’s raged through West Africa. US health authorities say, no new cases have been reported in these two countries for almost a month. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say the Ebola outbreak […]

Western fears about Ebola spread

There are growing fears in Western countries about the internationalisation of the Ebola virus after the first case of the deadly haemorrhagic disease has been diagnosed in the United States. Billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates remains optimistic about increasing the treatment capacity for Ebola in West Africa. American Ebola expert Tom Friedan seeks to reassure his […]

First case of Ebola diagnosed on US soil

Doctors in Dallas Texas say they’ve isolated a patient with the first case of the deadly Ebola virus diagnosed on US soil. The man’s believed to have contracted the lethal haemorrhagic disease in Liberia before he travelled to the US a fortnight ago. Director of the US Centers For Disease Control Thomas Frieden says the […]