Ebola hits the stock exchanges

The charity Save The Children says healthcare demands are outstripping supply in the fight against the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. After the first case of the disease is recorded in the United States, Ebola is starting to impact on the bottom line of companies. Save The Children says five people an hour are being […]

Ramaphosa announces Lesotho elections next February

Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa says Lesotho will go to the polls next February inĀ  a bid to restore stability and constitutional normalcy to the mountain kingdom. He was speaking after a third visit to the country as the special regional facilitator after an abortive coup attempt at the end of August. Ends Intro First prize […]

Ebola pioneer sees paralles with HIV treatment

The Belgian scientist who identified the Ebola virus 38 years ago says there are parallels with the treatment of HIV AIDS where he also did pioneering work. Peter Piot says the initial response to the diseases was denial and delay that unnecessarily cost lives Ends Intro Peter Piot notes that both HIV and Ebola come […]