Zambian president Michael Sata reported dead

Reports from Zamibia say president Michael Sata has died while receiving treatment in London. The Zambian Watchdog, which has drawn official criticism for regularly reporting on the 77 year-old leader’s failing health, says it has 100 per cent positive confirmation of his death President MichaeL Sata went to London’s King Edward VII hospital ten days […]

Zambian cabinet meeting to decide on power transfer

Zambia’s cabinet’s meeting at this hour to formalise the power transfer to Guy Scott following the death last night of Prdsident Michael Sata. It is not immediately clear whether this process will be affect ted by the power struggle that has ensued since the president’s health failed. The Zambian Watchdog reports government sources saying the […]

Guy Scott becomes interim Zambian president

The Zambian kawcha’s fallen two percent against the dollar after confirmation of President Michael Sata’s death last night. Tributes are pouring in for the sharp-tongued 77-year-old who’s been out of the public eye for several months because of his undisclosed illness. According to the constitution, vice president Guy Scott has become acting president after Michael […]

Australia denies visas to people from Ebola-hit countries

Sierra Leone has slammed Australia’s decision not to grant visas to people from Ebola-hit countries. United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki Moon says Ebola can only be beaten at its source and stygmatising people coming from infected countries does not help. Australia’s over-the-top reaction to the Ebola outbreak is further indication of the damaging economic […]