Bitter power struggle rages in Zambia

A bitter power struggle’s raging  in Zambia as factions within the ruling party press their candidates to replace President Michael Sata who died in office in October. If the Patriotic Front doesn’t close ranks, it could leave on opening for an opposition candidate to slip through. ends intro A faction loyal to interim president Guy […]

Kenyan quarrymen killed by Al Shabab

Al Shabab gunmen are being blamed for slaying at least 36 quarry workers near the north Kenyan town of Mandera. The terror group attacked a bus in the same area last week, killing 28 people they identified as non Muslims. end intro In the killings early this morning, the attackers descended on workers asleep in […]

Kenya fury at killing of quarrymen

Kenya’s president Uhuru Kenyatta’s reacted furiously to  the killing of 36 quarry workers in the north east of the country this morning by Al Shabab. His thrown out his police chief and interior minister and vowed not flinch in hunting down the Islamist terrorists. ends intro Kenya’s  police chief David Kimayo and Interior Minister Ole […]