We want martyrdom, jihadis tell French police

French police have made contact with the Kouachi brothers who say they want to die as martyrs. The jihadists are under siege in a small printing shop northeast of Paris and are holding a hostage. The noose is closing around Cherif and Said Kouachi who evaded France’s biggest manhunt in history for 48 hours after […]

Second hostage crisis grips France

Negotiating its biggest security operation in history, France is facing two armed hostage crisis. There appears to be a link between the shootout and hostage taking this afternoon in a kosher supermarket in south east Paris and the siege on the north eastern outskirts of the capital involving the Charlie Hebdo magazine killers. Police got […]

Kouachi brothers now under seige

The 48-hour hunt for the men who gunned down a dozen people at the offices of a satirical magazine in Paris has ended on the outskirts of the capital. The noose is closing around Cherif and Said Kouachi who are holed up in the offices of a construction company. They’re reportedly holding a hostage. The […]

House-to-house search for Charlie Hebdo killers

As French troops and police search house-to-house for jihadi brothers who mounted a deadly assault on a Paris magazine office, religious leaders have made an unprecedented show of solidarity against terrorism. Lights on Paris’s iconic Eiffel tower were dimmed last night as a tribute to the 12 people who died in the attack on the […]

Didier’s lucky escape from the jihadi brothers

Security forces are hunkering down in the town of Dammartin on the northeastern outskirts of Paris, hoping to get a peaceful end to the siege of two jihadis who gunned down a dozen people in the capital on Wednesday. A man who was at the print shop where Cherif and Said Kouachi are holed up […]

Charlie Hebdo killers in car chase

The two jihadis being sought for the massacre at French magazine on Wednesday have reportedly stolen a car and are heading back to Paris. French television is carrying footage of a car chase on the N2 into the capital after shots were fired and a hostage was taken. Said and Cherif Kouachi appear to evaded […]