Hamas leader shuns modern kwarijites

Hamas’s most senior representative in Lebanon has likened Boko Haram and Islamic State to the Islamist radicals that set themselves apart in the seventh century and began killing fellow Muslims. Usamah Hamdan was speaking at a three-day conference on political Islam organised by the Afro-Middle East Centre in Pretoria. As a member of the Hamas […]

Zambian presidential candidate cries foul

A hot contender in today’s Zambian presidential race has cried foul a few hours after polls opened Hakainda Hichilema is the main contender with Edgar Lungu for the position vacated by the death of President Michael Sata last October. Representing the opposition United Party for National Development Hakainde Hichilema says polling stations in remote parts […]

UN Security Council slams Boko Haram

The United Nations Security Council’s urged central African countries to speed up preparations for a multinational force to fight Boko Haram. The presidential statement from the world body’s powerhouse is its first response to the threat posed by the Nigerian jihadists. The UN Security Council’s issued a 13-point statement strongly condemning attacks by Boko Haram, […]