Experts continue weighing up whether or not to legalise sale of rhino horn.

By Jean-Jacques Cornish   After three-days of hearing stakeholders’ submissions, experts appointed by the Department of Environmental Affairs, have resumed their consideration of whether or not South Africa should allow the sale of rhino horn. They will make their recommendations to the inter-ministerial committee who will, in turn, pass it to Cabinet for a final […]

It looks like an election win for Buhari

Nigerian authorities are bracing for the loser of last Saturday’s presidential election to cry foul. That looks more and more likely it will be Goodluck Jonathan. With more than half the ballots tallied, he trails former military ruler Muhammadu Buhari by more than half a million votes. Goodluck Jonathan’s managed to whittle away at Muhammadu […]

Buhari wins, Jonathan concedes defeat

Nigeria’s presidential poll’s been won by Muhammadu Buhari, in the country’s first election victory by an opposition candidate. President Goodluck Jonathan’s conceded defeat and congratulated the former military ruler who last came to power in Nigeria via a coup in 1993. Muhammadu Buhari has been claiming victory for some hours – saying Goodluck Jonathan’s acceptance […]

Buhari takes early lead after Nigerian elections

Early results from Nigeria’s election show former military ruler Muhammadu Buhari has a lead over incumbent Goodluck Jonathan. But observers say the closest presidential race in the nation’s history is far from over. Counting of results from last Saturday’s Nigerian election will resume in a few hours. The United States and Britain have warned of […]

Buhari claims victory in Nigerian presidential race

Former Nigeria military ruler Muhammadu Buhari’s claimed victory after last Saturday Presidential election. The man who last came to power, 32 years ago, via a coup says it’s just a matter of time before incumbent president Goodluck Jonathan concedes defeat. Muhammadu Buhari’s All Progressives Congress says Nigeria’s witnessing history – the first party democratically to […]

Barak Obama to visit Kenya

US President Barack Obama will visit Kenya mid-year. It’s the first time he’s going to the home of his father as US leader. The Washington announcement says he’ll will attend a summit to encourage entrepreneurship and meet the country’s controversial leader Uhuru Kenyatta. Barak Obama’s been to sub-Saharan Africa four times in his two terms […]

Trevor Noah to become new host of The Daily Show

Soweto-born comedian Trevor Noah has been named as to succeed Jon Stewart on The Daily Show, which one of the most popular satirical productions on US television. South Africans have reacted with surprise and delight at this achievement for their favourite humourist. Ends intro Born 31 year ago of a Black woman and Swiss father […]