SA judges concerned about political interference from ANC

President Jacob Zuma’s come home from a summit in Russia ready to talk to the Chief Justice regarding concerns about political interference in the judiciary. His Education Minister has waded back into the controversy accusing the judiciary of overreaching by making rulings that interfere with the executive and the legislature. ends intro Chief Justice Mogoeng […]

Kenyans prepare for Obama visit

Excited Kenyans are sprucing up the capital in preparation for US President Barak Obama’s visit at the end of this month. There are many who are concerned about what the man, who’s father was born on the fringes of Lake Victoria, will say when he gets there. ends intro It’s being likened to President John […]

Post election insurgency a Burundi possibility

Victory’s a racing certainty for Burundi’s Pierre Nkurunziza in presidential elections next week. But just as likely is that it will be followed by an armed insurgency against his determination unconstitutionally to cling to power. ends intro Pierre Nkurunzia is bent on ignoring warnings at home, in the regional and internationally against seeking a third […]