Poachers kill more rhino for the sixth successive year

The number of rhinos killed by poachers has increased for the sixth year in a row. This despite the marginal improvement shown in curbing this slaughter in South Africa. ends intro The Swiss-based International Union for the Conservation of Nature says  at least 1,338 rhinos were killed last year. That’s  the largest number since the […]

US zoos beat the courts to remove Swazi elephants

Three American zoos have beaten a legal bid to block them moving 18 elephants out of drought-striken Swaziland, Incensed animal rights activists condemn what they call a  cruel, purely money-making operation. ends intro The audacious, secret operation involves sedating three elephant bulls and 15 cows, crating them and hoisting  them aboard a cargo plane in […]

Zumba says relations with Nigeria have been taken to a higher level

President Jacob Zuma says his visit to Nigeria has taken bilateral relations to a much higher level. Returning from Abuja he says when Africa’s two giants stand and walk the rest of the continent  will follow suit. ends intro The media highlight of President Jacob Zuma’s visit to Nigeria was his host Muhammad Buhari accusing […]

Cape Town found guilty of kidnapping three-day old girl 18 years ago

A 51 year old woman has been found guilty in the Cape Town High Court of snatching a three-day old girl from her mother’s arms 18 years ago and raising the child as her own, a few blocks away from the biological parents The judge dismissed as a fairly tale the woman’s evidence that she […]