South African give 67 minutes of service to mark Mandela’s birthday

South Africans commemorate the birthday of Nelson Mandela today(Monday) by giving  67 minutes to improve the lives of less fortunate compatriots. The figure comes from the number of years the former president and apartheid icon served the public. ends intro At schools, universities, businesses, government offices around the country, South Africans will demonstrate the power […]

South Sudan, a millstone round the AU’s neck

The recent flare-up of deadly violence in South Sudan is metaphor of the crises tearing the continent as leaders gather for the AU Summit in Kigali. The possibility of fresh fighting in Juba is a millstone around the neck of the AU’ that seeking to ensure the year-old Compromise Peace Agreement in South Sudan holds. […]

Leader look to the AU paying their own way

President Jacob Zuma is joined by at least 30 Heads of State and Government for the 27 African Union summit in Kigali. As ever, security dominates the agenda. This year though the AU is examining reports on how the continental body can achieve real independence by paying its own way. ends intro Shaking off the […]