Tunisian prime minister ousted by no confidence vote

Tunisian Prime Minister Habib Essid has been ousted after overwhelmingly losing a parliamentary vote of no confidence. Essid, who’d been in power for a year and a half, was expected the result after several ruling coalition MPs withdrew their support. ends intro Habib Essid ’s the sixth prime minister to fall since the 2011 Arab […]

Western Sahara will feature in Morocco rapprochement with Africa

Morocco’s outgoing senior envoy says the Kingdom quit the Organization of African Unity in 1984 but it has had never left Africa. The North African country’s seeking to join the African Union and upgrade its representation in South Africa after angrily withdrawing its ambassador to Pretoria when it recognized the Western Sahara that Morocco occupies […]

Tshisekedi leads demo calling for DRC elections this year

Tens of thousands of people have taken to the streets of Kinshasa demanding  presidential elections in the Democratic Republic of Congo this year. Opposition party chief Etienne Tshisekedi warns President Joseph Kabila to call an election 90 days before his constitutional  mandate expires on 19 December. ends intro Joseph Kabila has been the president since […]