Non-memmber US regrets Russia decision to quit the ICC

Fourteen years after withdrawing from the International Criminal Court, the United States has expressed regret that Russia has made exactly the same decision. Both Russia and the US signed the Rome Statute of 1998 giving birth to the ICC, Niether have ratified that treaty, and now both have pointedly rejected the tribunal’s authority. Russia’s decision […]

Passionate defence of climate change efforts by US Secretary of State John Kerry

A passionate defence of international attempts to combat climate change has been made by outgoing US Secretary off State John Kerry. He was speaking at the COP22 summit where delegates fear US president-elect Donald Trump will undo years of laborious negotiations to get international commitments to fight global warming. At the COP 22 summit in […]

No ICC call for arrest of Omar al Bashir attending COP22

Sudan’s President Omar Al Bashir is at the COP22 climate change summit in Morocco. He was invited  a month ago by King Mohammed VI. Generally the attendance at an international conference of the man wanted by the International Criminal Court for war crimes and crimes against humanity in Darfur provokes a call for the host […]

Climate change should not be a partisan US decision

US Secretary of State John Kerry has sent a clear message to climate change activist – and to president elect Donald Trump about his compatriots commitment to fight global warming. He was speaking at the COP 22 climate change summit designed to put meat on the bones of the Paris Agreement committing countries to do […]

Africa must speak in a single voice on fighting climate change, says Morocco’s king

Morocco’s King Mohammed VI says Africa needs to speak in a single voice to demand climate change justice. He was hosting a summit of African leaders at the COP22 climate change summit in Marrakesh that was also attended by UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon and French President Francois Hollande. Disruptions caused by climate change […]

Prince William pleads with authorities to put poachers behind bars

Britain’s Prince William described trafficking in wildlife parts has even more sophisticated that it was two years ago. The prince is among representatives of more than 40 countries at an international conference in Vietnam on wildlife trafficking.   Britain’s second in line to the throne says there’s not mystery about  this multi billion dollar business. […]

Burundi posing a major refugees crisis, warns Doctors Without Borders

Medical humanitarian organisation Médecins Sans Frontières warns of a refugee crisis caused by Burundians fleeing unrest in their country into Tanzania. The charity says the rate of refugee arrivals has increased almost five-fold in the last four months. ends intro Up to 10 000 refugees from Burundi continue pouring into Tanzania each month. About 250 […]