Hosting the Francophonie marks Madagascar’s return to the international fold

Hosting the 16th Francophonie Summit marks the final return of Madagascar to the international scene. Ambassador of International Organization of La Francophonie Malik Sarr says it marks the end of Madagascar ’s difficult digression that saw it suspended from the African Union and from la Francophonie. It should have happened earlier. Madagascar was due to […]

Turkey scraps bill that would have legalized child marriage

Widespread outrage has caused Turkey’s government to scrap a proposed law that would have allowed men accused of sexually abusing underage girls to go free if they were married to their victims. The bill, was scheduled to undergo a final vote in parliament yesterday. ends intro The bill introduced by the ruling AKP would have […]

Bye bye Kabila campaign could spark fresh deadly clashes with authorities

Civil society activists in the Democratic Republic of Congo have launched a new pro-democracy campaign to press President Joseph Kabila to step down. They’re calling it the bye bye Kabila and say it will spark massive anti-government protests. President Joseph  Kabila’s second and last term comes to an end on 19 December. Voters were due […]

Cameroon language violence mars its hosting of the African women’s football cup

Under the international spotlight as host of African Women’s Football Cup, Cameroon is seized by violence across the English and French-speaking divide. Protestors and security forces have clashed after teachers went on strike  teachers’ strike against a perceived lack of educational provision for Anglophone children. Cameroon is divided between a  Francophone community comprising more than […]

Africans work on worst case scenario when dealing with Trump policy

by Jean-Jacques Cornish It is said that you campaign in poetry and govern in prose. US president-elect Donald Trump’s campaigned with a knuckle sandwich and is moving towards governing with blankety-blank. He divided supporters and opponents between delight and horror at what he did on the hustings. They are united now in complete ignorance about […]