Somaliland gives UAE a 30 year lease for a naval base at Berbera

Somaliland’s agreed to allow the United Arab Emirates to establish a military base in its territory. The UAE will use its access to the territory on the northern edge of the Horn of Africa to fight Houthi rebels in Yemen. Former British colony Somaliland broke ties with Somalia after dictator Said Barre bombed them to […]

Ebola super spreaders identified

Analysis by the National Academy of Sciences in London finds a tiny handful of people caused the majority of cases in the world’s largest outbreak of Ebola. Nearly two thirds of the cases were infected by just 3% of people who contracted the deadly disease. It is hoped the study of the super spreaders of […]

Boris Johnson makes his first African trip as British foreign secretary

Boris Johnson, who notoriously sparked fury over comments about Africans made when he worked as a journalist, is visiting the continent for the first time as Britain’s foreign secretary. He has used racist terms to belittle Africans and just last October he referred to Africa as that country. Boris Johnson is visiting Gambia which made […]