Reducing peacekeepers in Somalia puts civilians at risk

Unless specialist equipment is found to replace the cutback in troops from the African Union peacekeeping mission in  Somalia, it’s the civilians on the ground who’ll suffer. The world’s most expensive peacekeeping mission will start taking personnel cuts next month. It’s planned that the Somali forces will increasingly take responsibility for the country’s security. The […]

Peace diamond counter pain caused by blood diamonds in Sierra Leone

Proceeds from the sale of an egg-sized diamond that fetched $6,5 million   in New York will go towards improving the lives of people in Sierra Leone . The 709 carat stone dubbed the peace diamond was found by  Christian pastor in the West African country. So-called blood diamonds funded the civil war in Sierra […]

West and Central Africa lag behind on HIV prevention treatment and care for children

A United Nations report finds West and Central Africa are lagging behind on HIV prevention, treatment and care programs for children and adolescents. Last year, no fewer than 60 000 children were newly infected with HIV/AIDS in West and Central Africa. More than four decades into the HIV /AIDS epidemic, four in five children living […]