Tanzanian President pardons two child rapists

Activists says they’re furious but not surprised at Tanzanian President John Magafuli pardoning two musicians who raped 10 primary schoolgirls. Earlier this year Magafuli banned pregnant schoolgirls from returning to class. Making his speech during Tanzania’s independence celebrations, President John Magafuli announced he was pardoning musicians Nguza Viking and his son Johnson Nguza who were […]

Watchdog says European government are knowingly complicit in the torture of Libyan detainees

Amnesty International’s accused European governments of being knowingly complicit in the abuse of migrants and refugees detained in Libya. The  human  rights watchdog says they must stop collaborating in the capture of these unfortunate tens of thousands and find a legal pathway into Europe. Amnesty International says European governments are not only fully aware of […]

One Planet Summit starts in Paris, sans Donald Trump

World leaders are gathered for the One Planet summit in Paris, two years to the day from when they agreed to keep global warming to below two degree centigrade from pre-industrial levels. French President Emmanuel Macron is leading the charge on finding the three-and-a-half trillion dollars this will cost for the next 30 years. US […]

ICC reports Jordan tp UN Security Council for failing to arrest Omar al Bashir

The International Criminal Court’s reported Jordan to the United Nations Security Council for not arresting Sudan’s President Omar al Bashir when he visited the Kingdom. The legal institution is going a step further than it did against South Africa for failing to meet its obligations under the Rome Treaty establishing it. Sudanese President Omar al […]