Debate demonstrates South Africa’s new political mood

President Cyril Ramaphosa responds today (Tuesday) to a day-long debate on his State Of The Nation Address. The orderly mood of the National Assembly allowed for a level of political contestation not seen in the nine confrontational years of the Jacob Zuma Presidency. Ramaphosa, who has yet to name his new Cabinet, has been treated […]

17 killed by collapsing rubbish dump in Maputo

At least 17 people have been killed by a collapsing rubbish dump in Mozambique. Authorities fear the death toll could be higher as more bodies are found under the garbage loosened by heavy rain. The victims are the poorest of the poor. Seven houses bordering the 15-metre-high dump were crushed by it’s collapse. Many families […]

Traveling in President Joseph Kabila’s motorcade can be deadly

Travelling on or near DRC President Joseph Kabila’s convoy can be deadly. A Zambian driver was killed and another seriously injured when their his car struck a vehicle in the visiting Congolese President’s convoy on Sunday. In the DRC last week three soldiers and two civilians were killed when vehicles in the Presidential motorcade hit […]