South Africa has lost the moral high ground that made it a go-to mediator

  In those heady, early days of democracy South Africa was often said to be punching above its weight diplomatically. There was not a country that did not want to be the friend of Nelson Mandela’s success story. Many sought help, hoping that rubbing  up against  it might bring some good fortune. So, in addition […]

Sudan’s military junta admits it erred in sending the janjaweed to clear demonstrators

The military junta in Sudan admits it gave the order that led to the attacks that left 118 civilians dead in Khartoum on June 3. The  United Nations Security Council has condemned the violence and noted the junta’s undertaking to investigate the massacre. About to re-engage in dialogue with civilian leaders, Sudan’s Transitional Military Council […]

Kenyan MP arrested after slapping woman lawmaker

A Kenyan MP has been arrested for slapping a woman lawmaker he says did not allocate funds to his constituency. Footage of a tearful Fatima Gedi with a bleeding mouth went viral on social media. The attack took place in the parliamentary carpark in Nairobi. Rashid Kassim assaulted budgetary committee member Fatima Gedi, after confronting […]