64 bodies found in a container that crossed from Malawi into Mozambique

Mozambique  immigration officials have found 64 bodies in a container that came from Malawi. There were 14 survivors. The victims are believed to be Ethiopian. ends intro Immigrations officials in the northwestern Mozambique province of Tete stopped the truck from Malawi at the Moatize checkpoint near the Zambezi River.. They heard banging from inside the […]

UN boss calls for global ceasefire to fight COVID 19

United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres has urged warring parties across the planet today down arms and support the fight against COVID 19. He describes the pandemic as the common enemy and a threat to all mankind. Antonio Guterres has instructed the UN Secretary General’s special envoys in every conflict zone to work for a […]

Algeria conditionally accepts chloroquine for treating COVID 19

Algerian health authorities have approved the use of a familiar albeit outdate anti-malarial drug for treating certain cases of COVID 19. Chloroquine was praised as a potential coronavirus cure by US President Donald Trump.  Two Nigerian who tried have ended up in hospital being treated for poisoning. ends intro The treatment protocol cautiously adopted by […]