US drone kills Al Shabaab founder

The US Africa Command says it has killed a found member of the Al Shabaab terror group in Somalia. He’s named as Yusuf Jiis, who’s described by US military official as a brutal and ruthless killer. US Africa Command leader General Stephen Townsend says they were considering a pause in operations during the fight against […]

Hissène Habré gets a holiday from his life sentence

Serving a life sentence for crimes against humanity, former Chadian President Hissène Habré has been given a two month holiday home. The Senegalese authorities who are holding him are using the the jail to quarantine COVID 19-infected inmates. It’s an ill wind that blows nobody any good. Many might argue that Hissène Habré, who ran […]

UN says Malawi must probe killings of 12 alleged bloodsuckers

Malawi’s President Peter Mutharika has broken his silence on the killings of alleged bloodsuckers. The United Nations is calling for immediate investigation of a dozen killings driven by this macabre belief. UN resident coordinator in Malawi Maria Jose Torres says in addition probing the killings, authorities must arrest and prosecute the perpetrators, provide psychological and […]

Africans being evicted from hotels and apartments in China

Hundreds of African business people and residents are being evicted from apartments and hotels in the Southern Chinese city of Guangzou. Africans say they’re forcibly being removed from their homes by Chinese officials who accuse them of importing COVID19. Speaking to reporters, Africans in |Guangzou and Fujian Province say they are being told that COVID19 […]