Zambian government revokes licence for Prime TV

Zambia’s Prime television station has had its license revoked Opposition Democratic Party leader Harry Kalaba calls this a sad day for democracy in Zambia and demands the station be allowed back on air. Zambian Independent Broadcasting Authority held Josephine Mapoma says Prime TV license was revoked in the interests of public safety, security, peace, welfare […]

Hopes dashed of sounding all clear on Congolese EBOLA outbreak

Congolese hopes of officially declaring an end to the second west EBOLA outbreak on earth have dashed with a new cases of the deadly haemorrhagic disease being recorded two days before the all clear was sounded. This means the Democratic Republic of Congo is simultaneously battling EBOLA, the COVID 19 pandemic and world’s worst measles […]

Chad soldiers kill 1000 Boko Haram jihadists

Chadian soldiers have killed at least 1 000 Boko Haram jihadists in a six-day operation.  They say they’ve driven the Islamist terrorist off  their hideouts on the islands in the giant Lake Chad. Chad army spokesman Colonel Azem Agouna says Operation Bohoma Anger was launched after Boko Haram killed 100 of his soldiers last month. […]