Mozambique’s gas bubble bursts

Mozambique’s gas bubble has burst. Hopes of become an international energy player have been delayed at least five years as Exxon Mobil put the hold on investing in the vast resource beneath Cabo Delgado. Exxon Mobil made an intermediate decision last year to invest in the exploitation of liquid petroleum gas in Mozambique. According to […]

Moroccan ambassador insults his South African hosts

Morocco’s Ambassador in Pretoria has taken the diplomatically unheard of step of attacking his host government. Youssef Amrani.calls South Africa’s statement on the Western Sahara fanciful fabrications. In diplomatic practice, unequivocal  political attacks are done government to government after careful consideration. Youssef Amrani, who has a reputation for getting hot under the collar and losing […]

Lower risk of importation but Africa has highest vulnerability to COVID 19

The Mo Ibrahim foundation says that faced with the COVID 19 pandemic Africa has a lower risk of importation of the virus than other regions. But it echoes the World Health Organisation in warning it has the highest vulnerability to coronavirus. ends intro The Mo Ibrahim Foundation whose annual price for a retired  African leader […]