East African trucks being turned around at Ugandan border

Uganda’s angering its neighbors by taking action to prevent an economic lifeline becoming a conduit for importing  COVID 19. At least 19 truck drivers from Kenya and Tanzania have brought the virus into Uganda, bringing the total number of cases in the landlocked country to 74. ends intro Uganda’s Health Minister Jane Aceng is insisting  […]

Donald Trump promises to send ventilators to Nigeria

US President DonaldTrump has promised to send ventilators to Nigeria to help COVID 19 patients struggling to breathe. This only days after frustrated US hospitals said they could not find ventilators to buy anywhere. Donald Trump hasn’t tweeted it, but according to Nigeria’s Information Minister Lai Mohammed it’s official. In a telephone conversation the US […]

Ivorean presidential candidate Guillaume Soro fined $7 million

Cote d’Ivoire Presidential candidate Guillaume Soro has been fined $7-million and sentenced to 20 years in jail for embezzlement and money laundering. Soro and his legal team boycotted the trial, which lasted only a few hours, saying it was a ploy to keep him out of the election scheduled for October. Guillaume Soro was the […]