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Americans won’t be able to say they did uot know

The excuse of the uniformed: “We did not know “ has eroded as technology makes the facts inescapable. Surely in this age of social media that gossamer thin excuse has disappeared. Some Germans might have claimed they did not know about the Nazi genocide until the Nuremberg trials painfully mapped

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Is Joe Biden taking a knife to a dishonest gunfight?

Western movie buffs cannot agree on who first  warned combatants not to bring a knife to a gunfight. The message: never go into a fight under weaponized ,is indisputable. Many of Joe Biden’s supporters fear he will be doing this when he meets Donald Trump in the Presidential campaign debates

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Tik Tok forced sale won’t happen

In these deadly serious days of the pandemic and the U.S. presidential poll, one has to search for the laughs. Happily Tik Tok is providing mine. Yes, yes, I know it is designed for younger consumers. But it is not the content that provides my chortle. It is the belief

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Congo declares world’s worst measles outbreak is over

Not one but two pieces of excellent medical news out of Africa this week. The Democratic Republic of Congo announces that the world’s worst measles outbreak which killed more than 7000 children under five-years-old is over. The announcement by Health Minister Eteni Londondo  still requires authentication by the World Health

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Africa is free of wild polio

Humanitarians Bill Gates and Aliko Dangote are today celebrating with Presidents from  the World Health Organisation’s Africa Region the eradication of wild poliomyelitis. There should 47 Presidents involved in the virtual fest. But Mali’s Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta who was deposed in a military coup last week, remains in detention. The

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Constitutionality is vital with democracy everywhere under threat

There has been universal condemnation of the mutiny that became a coup in Mali – as there should be. From the United Nations Security Council down to the 15-nation Economic Community of West African States neighbouring Mali there are demands for a return to constitutionality. The putschists insistence that they

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Which historical model will the Mali coup follow?

Mali, where President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita has been unseated in an apparent military coup, has always been a country posing more questions than offering solutions. This dates backs to precolonial times when it was part of the Malian, Ghanaian  and Songhai empires of West Africa, Historically, the landlocked, kidney-shaped country

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South Africa cannot afford to intervene militarily in Mozambique

The pressure was on democratic South Africa even before President Nelson Mandela stood in the amphitheater and said “never again” to apartheid. The African countries that helped liberate South Africa have never stopped pushing  it to muscularly help enforce and keep peace on the continent. That expectation is born of

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