Jean-Jacques Cornish


"The low down on African affairs"

Who are the Republicans really scared of ?

Does Donald Trump really have a choke hold on the Republican Party? Certainly the way some frightened senior GOP members are running scared makes it appear that he has. The question is are they quaking in their boots for fear of what Trump might do to them or are they

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Saharawi blockade has cut Morocco off from West Africa

A month-long blockade of Morocco’s lifeline road link to West Africa is stopping 150 trucks a day. It’s being maintained by Saharawi men and woman demanding  that the kingdom, which has illegally occupied their country for 45 years, keep its promise to have a referendum on self-determination for the territory.

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A glimpse of the post COVID world

We have just had a glimpse of the post COVID world. Pfizer the American drug maker and its German partner BioNTech report that their COVID 19 vaccine is 90% effective. Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla calls this a game changer. Anthony Fauci, director of the US National Institute of Allergies and

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Don’t find excuses for ageism

I greet Joe Biden’s election win with an overwhelming sense of relief. Yes, his becoming the 46th President is probably the salvation of US democracy. More importantly the departure of the most divisive president in American history allows us to return to what we prefer to be.  Donald Trump’s hate-filled,

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The mainstream media had to declare Joe Biden’s win

In the end, the much maligned mainstream media had the decisive say  in the United States Presidential poll. It was only after the major television networks called the state of Pennsylvania for Joe Biden, taking him over the threshold of 270 electoral college seats, that the former vice president became

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