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"The low down on African affairs"

Congo declares world’s worst measles outbreak is over

Not one but two pieces of excellent medical news out of Africa this week. The Democratic Republic of Congo announces that the world’s worst measles outbreak which killed more than 7000 children under five-years-old is over. The announcement by Health Minister Eteni Londondo  still requires authentication by the World Health

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Africa is free of wild polio

Humanitarians Bill Gates and Aliko Dangote are today celebrating with Presidents from  the World Health Organisation’s Africa Region the eradication of wild poliomyelitis. There should 47 Presidents involved in the virtual fest. But Mali’s Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta who was deposed in a military coup last week, remains in detention. The

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Constitutionality is vital with democracy everywhere under threat

There has been universal condemnation of the mutiny that became a coup in Mali – as there should be. From the United Nations Security Council down to the 15-nation Economic Community of West African States neighbouring Mali there are demands for a return to constitutionality. The putschists insistence that they

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Which historical model will the Mali coup follow?

Mali, where President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita has been unseated in an apparent military coup, has always been a country posing more questions than offering solutions. This dates backs to precolonial times when it was part of the Malian, Ghanaian  and Songhai empires of West Africa, Historically, the landlocked, kidney-shaped country

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Will ECOWAS use muscle to enforce peace in Mali?

A distinction it probably could do without is the recognition that the Economic Community of West African State’s is the regional grouping most proficient in brokering and enforcing peace deals on the continent. Having that appellation confirms that the 15-nation ECOWAS is located in Africa’s roughest neighborhood. Like neighbours living

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